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Platinum SponsorS

  • Mayor Ron and Becky Anders in memory of Ronnie Anders Sr.

  • AuburnBank

  • Auburn Downtown Merchants Association

  • Charles and Amanda Bazemore

  • Robert and Zona Beaty in memory of Charlotte McDaniel

  • Meredith Birchfield and Joe Saloom

  • James Buston

  • Robert and Karen Cochran

  • Royrickers and Catrina Cook in honor of Robert and Alice

  • Robert and Alice Crittenden

  • Thomas and Phyllis Davis

  • Gayle Davis in memory of Paul R. Davis

  • Jan Dempsey

  • Charles and Sharon Gantner in honor of Peggy and Jim

  • Green Gardeners Club

  • Bill Ham and Varsity Enterprises in honor of Carol Ham

  • The Grace and Cliff Hare Foundation

  • Judge Harry and Sue Hooper

  • Trey Johnston in memory of Dory Ann Johnston

  • Daniel and Anita Keidel in honor of William Paul Keidel

  • Grey and Dixie Keller in memory of Dory Ann Johnston

  • Don and Becky Large in memory of Barbara Large

  • Mary Jane Laumer in memory of Ford Laumer

  • Dr. Gerald Leischuck in memory of Emily Reaves Leischuck

  • Todd and Betsy Lethander

  • McGowin Properties LLC

  • Carolyn Osborne

  • Joel and Rosemary Pittard

  • Dave and Laurie Schobelock in honor of Joanne and Paul

  • Paul and Joanne Schrantz in memory of Mary Helen Foster

  • Dean Emmett and Viann Thompson

  • Chip and Barbi Townsend

  • Austin Wade in honor of Kay Recknor

  • War Eagle Garden Club

  • Tina Ware and Ware Jewelers

  • Paul and Tracie West in honor of Dr. Cristen Herring

  • Chuck and Ann Williams

  • Dr. Ralph and Carol Wormer

  • Donna Young and Behind the
    Glass Inc.

Become a Platinum Sponsor: $250

Our 2023 Downtown Basket Platinum Sponsors graciously donated $250 or more to help with the planting and maintenance of the Auburn downtown hanging baskets. We are so appreciative for each and every sponsor, and cannot thank this group of people enough for their dedication to keeping the Loveliest Village on the Plains beautiful.

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