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Our 2022 Downtown Basket Platinum Sponsors have graciously donated $125 or more to help with the planting and maintenance of the Auburn downtown hanging baskets. We are so appreciative for each and every sponsor, and cannot thank this group of people enough for their dedication to keeping the Loveliest Village on the Plains beautiful.

  • Mr. Don and Bobbie Dees

  • Jane Huntley In honor of REACH

  • Peg Weiss in memory of Dr. Peter Weiss

  • Bo Cavin in honor of Our House

  • Pat Wittel Tremaine and Barbara Wittel Mcintyre in memory of Betty Wittel

  • Susan Nunnelly in honor of Christian Women's Job Corps of Lee County

  • Dr. Tom and Tasha Worden

  • Dean and Mrs. Emmett Thompson

  • Ms. Laura Young Palmer in honor of Joanne Schrantz and Barbi Townsend

  • Ms. Kelley Ethridge in honor of Cynthia Doyle

  • Ms. Anita Keidel in honor of William Paul Keidel

  • Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kinkenborg

  • Ms. Donna Solli and Mr. Chuck Hill

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Walls

  • David and Shawn Roman

  • Denny and Jan Marple

  • Ms. Judy Melville

  • Mrs. Jan Dempsey

  • Dennis and Charlene LeBleu

  • Wally and Molly Walker

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Martha Dumas

  • Mr. and Mrs. Drew and Sarah Brown – Let it Be LLC

  • Mr. Brian Rogers

Become a Gold Sponsor: $125

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