Our 2020 Downtown Basket Platinum Sponsors have graciously donated $125 or more to help with the planting and maintenance of the Auburn downtown hanging baskets. We are so appreciative for each and every sponsor, and cannot thank this group of people enough for their dedication to keeping the Loveliest Village on the Plains beautiful.

  • Becky and Ron Anders: in memory of Ronnie Anders

  • Trish and Dennis Block: in memory of Mary Lou Matthews

  • Sarah and Drew Brown: in memory of Kristin Hornsby

  • Lee and Ed Chapman: in memory of Coach Pat Dye

  • Bobby Dees

  • Jan Dempsey

  • The Flower Store

  • Anita and Dan Keidel: in honor of Bill Keidel

  • Donna and Ben Kelly

  • Charlene and Dennis LeBleu

  • Linda and Bill Lee

  • Judy McGaha and Pam Townsend: in memory of Lamar McGaha and Jim Murphy

  • Vi and Emmett Thompson

  • Molly and Wally Walker

  • Barbara and Cliff Webber

  • Peg Weiss: in memory of Peter Weiss

  • Tasha and Tom Worden

Become a Gold Sponsor: $125