In 2020, we collaborated for the first time with the City Market for our Fall Plant Sale. It was at Town Creek Park on Saturday, Oct. 24.  We successfully sold cool-weather plants at the Harvest Market! 

We had some ready-to-display floral hanging baskets, pots and planters along with red maple trees, Japanese maples, sasanqua camellias, Chinese pistachio trees and several varieties of oaks.

As always, we encouraged patrons to #shoplocal and bring home some of the fresh veggies and other treats from local farmers and makers.

Details for the Fall 2021 plant sale will be posted closer to the event. 

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"Spend a little time in Auburn and you'll see why everyone's singing its praises. Not only does it offer a major college for students and an ever-growing business sector for those ready for the real world, but local landmarks dot the city and give it a one-of-a-kind flair. It's a pretty sweet place to call home." - Livibility.com